Power of Touch Couple's Massage Workshops

Over 2,000 Couples and Nothing But 5 Star Reviews!

Join us for an evening of learning, touch and exploration. In this high-tech, low-touch world we all need to learn to slow down and really appreciate our life partner or even our best friend. Let us show you how to do that by learning how to give each other an exceptional massage. We promise you will have a wonderful learning some world-class massage skills and techniques that will help you be both happier and healthier for years to come.

The workshop is for couples, family members or friends (any two people over the age of 18) and is three hours long. This allows enough time for both of you to give and receive a very thorough massage from each other while our talented facilitators guide you each step of the way.


We will show you some of the best techniques that will allow you to give your partner or friend (or anyone else) a world class massage, whether they are looking for deep muscle work or complete relaxation bliss.  


Two of the most popular things that we teach come from Joe Lavin's highly regarded Deep Lomi Style of Massage; how to give a deep massage without getting tired and how to slow down your massage so your partner feels completely pampered. We will also demonstrate also  show you the most relaxing, stimulating and refreshing massage techniques from other styles to keep you and your partner thoroughly in touch for years to come.


But, this is much more than just a couple's massage workshop. It is a celebration and exploration of the power of human touch. We will show you how to really connect with your life partner, your family and your friends by using intentional, focused touch, not just during a massage but in your daily life as well. The Couples Massage Workshop...

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