Sensual Massage Workshop

Ultimately our goal at the Power of Touch Workshops is to help people, primarily couples, find new ways to draw closer together through the use of touch, massage and deeper conversations. For couples who have attended the 3-hour Couple's Massage Workshop we offer Small group and Private Sensual Massage Workshops to help you build a closer and more intimate relationship. We also are doing some new Sensual Massage Demonstrations in 2020, so be on the lookout for them!


Our Sensual Massage Workshops are not designed to be physically or overtly sexual in nature. Instead, they are designed to help you experience deep levels of intimacy, connection and emotional awareness with each other. They are also designed to allow you to both elicit and experience different levels of sensual awareness and desire without the intention or expectation of fully acting upon them immediately. The totally zen tipping point here is when you are able to create a mesmerizing space where you can be full of desire for each other and yet, thoroughly satisfied with each other at the same time.  


Small Group Sensual Massage Workshop

The 3 Hour Sensual Massage Workshop for Couples will help you improve the quality of your touch and make your massage sessions more sensual, nurturing and intimate. We begin right where we left off in the Couple's Massage Workshop and focus much more on the nurturing and sensual aspects of the techniques that you have learned. This workshop is offered to people who have been through the 3-Hour Couple's Massage Workshop so please contact me before signing up if you have not attended this workshop.


The Sensual Massage Workshop is focused on improving the quality of your touch and making your massage sessions more sensual. Among other things, you will learn:  

  • You will learn how to touch and massage your partner with very generous, slow and altogether wonderful techniques. 
  • You will learn how to interpret and respond to your partner's non verbal queues. 
  • You will learn how to help your partner reach a state of complete relaxation, bliss and surrender; where they can experience a heightened sense of sensuality and pleasure. 
  • You will learn how to work with both the conscious and primal breaths to create different states of arousal and awareness for both you and your partner. 
  • You will learn that every part of the human body can be an erogenous zone and which areas of your partner are especially erogenous.
  • Most importantly, you will learn how to touch and massage your partner in the ways that they most want to be touched. 

The Big Three Questions

These are usually the biggest questions circling through people's minds at this point (usually more so for one of you, so be sure to talk about these with your partner):


Nudity: I do not force excess modesty on anyone. I give both men and women the freedom to have their chests uncovered and worked on during the session (as well as the freedom to wear a ski parka and and place "do not touch me here" warning signs anywhere that they want). I ask that the people giving massages keep their partner's groins covered with a towel or sheet; or suggest that you wear as minimal of a bathing suit or work out clothing as possible so that you can receive the most touch but still be modestly covered if you want to go without the sheet altogether.


Sex: I think this workshop will enrich most people's sex lives, but you will have to tell me about that in an email. This is not a sexual touch or exploration workshop. My standard line is that you now how to give each other a great massage now and I'm assuming that you know a fair bit about sex, this workshop is everything between.


Who Is Touching Who? I will have a female teacher with me for these workshops to demonstrate techniques on and to share different ideas to make sure that we can provide as much value for both partners at least in the stereotypical manner. Hopefully I can create some workshops for differing gender identifications in the future but if you feel this would be more helpful to you now you can schedule a private session or get some like minded friends together and I can do a private small group workshop for you.


Private Sensual Massage Workshop

Private workshops are tailored specifically to your needs and can be done at my personal practice in Magnolia, my school in Lower Queen Anne or at your location. Call (206) 817-5896 or email ( to get more information or book your session. To check availability for a private session, take a look at my online schedule for any two-hour or three-hour block that is available. You can also use the contact form below to ask questions or inquire about scheduling a workshop.

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Finer Details: These workshops are not intended to be physically sexual in nature, but that does not mean that we can not have adult conversations about our bodies and our relationships. These workshops are outside of the scope of licensed therapeutic massage and the workshop facilitators do not have any special licensing, degrees or training that specifically qualifies them to lead the workshops (as none is required). There is no client-therapist relationship being created by participating in these workshops. All participants must be 18 years old.