Sensual Massage Demonstration

Our sensual massage workshops are wonderful and I am often surprised by how open and lighthearted the groups are that come together for the small group workshops. However, there is always more that I want to share with the couples that come or at least with one or two of the couples that are ready for more intimate, playful or erotic touch. Even in the private workshops there are limitations to how much I can share and the coupe can absorb in just two or three hours.


That is why I created the Sensual Massage Demonstration and Interactive Q&A Workshop. It lets me show you a lot more sensual massage techniques and concepts than I can usually share in the small group sensual workshop or even in a private workshop because I am able to demonstrate a lot of different sensual flows, techniques and concepts but you do not have to learn or even try them at the workshop if you do not want to.  After each short (but amazing) demonstration we take a small break to talk about what happened. You can ask questions of myself, the person receiving the work (who is usually specially qualified to answer difficult questions) and of the the participants. It is really interesting to hear the views of other couples as well as from different genders and orientations. The conversations that we have are always enlightening and often profound.  


After the official two-hour workshop is over you are welcome to stay and continue with the conversation or grab a table and try some of the things that you learned about in the workshop for another 90 minutes. I will be there to offer as much (or as little) help as you wish. 


The workshop is not intended to be overtly sexual but it definitely will be very sensual, intimate and erotic at times. So it is important to make sure that you will be okay with that. Also, you can wear a ski parka, swim suit or nothing at all if you decide to practice some of the techniques in the optional part of the workshop. I do not enforce any strict modesty rules other than asking participants to do their best to keep their partner's groins covered while working on them. My model(s) will not be clothed for much of the demonstration and I will be working on their full chest and breasts (be they male or female or anything in between). I will be using some draping but it will only be loose draping (pelvic region, etc.) because I am not demonstrating "therapeutic massage techniques". So you should also be comfortable with that level of modesty (at least in others, because as I said, you can wear a ski parka if you want!).  


This demonstration is designed for Couple's Massage Workshop Alumni. If you have not attended a Couple's Massage Workshop but want to come to the demonstration please contact me (, (206) 817-5896) before registering to see if it is appropriate for you.


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Class Length: 2 Hours

Optional Workshop After Class: 90 Minutes

Price: $200 per Couple

Open To: Couple’s Massage Workshop Alumni and other couples as long as we talk prior to registering.  

Next Date(s): February 14th and March 21st