Nurturing Touch Workshop

Learn to touch, to honestly and purely touch your partner in a way that nurtures them on every level!


Our Nurturing Touch Workshop is a very small and intimate workshop that is focused on helping couples to develop their sense of nurturing touch. It begins where we left off in the Three Hour Couple’s Massage Workshop, and takes you to a much deeper level of touch. Slower, more luxurious and with more intention.


Nurturing touch is calm, slow, patient contact with your partner. It is lavish, lingering strokes. It is you having the intention of making your partner feel as complete and safe as you can in this moment. It is not selfish and non judgmental. Nurturing touch can be used in your massage (personal or professional) to produce tremendous results.


I offer Nurturing Touch Massage in my professional practice.


We teach our Nurturing Touch Workshop on the massage table because that is our primary approach to touch, but it can be done anywhere. We teach our Nurturing Touch Workshop with a focus on intimacy between a couple, but you can use different aspects of your nurturing touch with different people in your life as well (children, parents a grieving sibling or friend, etc.). There are numerous studies of how Nurturing Touch is great for babies and autistic souls.


Nurturing touch is not in itself sexual, but should definitely be a part of every couple’s physical intimacy (in our humble opinion). That being said, the focus of the workshop is physical and emotional intimacy and not sexual intimacy. As with all of our semi-private workshops we will do all that we can to protect your privacy and modesty. We also can do Private Nurturing Touch Workshops for those couple’s that want a more private and personalized experience.


Because of the personal nature of the workshop and the need for some mutual trust and awareness between the facilitator and the participants we prefer to only have couples who have attended one of our Couple’s Massage Workshops participate in this workshop or couple’s where at least one of them is a client of the facilitator.


This is a three hour workshop with a maximum of 4 couples. Unlike the three hour Couple’s Massage Workshop, the tables are partially separated by a screen to give you a little more privacy. Not because of draping issues, you are actually a little more modestly draped for this workshop, but rather to give you a little more private space to focus on your partner. We even provide you with do not disturb signs in case you find yourself in a space where you do not want to be distracted.


If you are interested in attending a workshop, contact Joe Lavin by phone 206.817.5896 or email: and he will let you know when the next workshop is scheduled.