Intimate & Sensual Touch Workshops

Ultimately our goal at the Power of Touch Workshops is to help people, primarily couples, find new ways to draw closer together through the use of touch and communication. For couples who have attended the 3-hour Couple's Massage Workshop we offer additional workshops and private sessions to help you build a closer and more intimate relationship.


Intimate Touch and Sensual Massage Workshops 

Our private Intimate Touch and Sensual Massage Workshops are designed for couples who want to learn more sensual, intimate or erotic touch than they might be comfortable learning in the public workshop. Each session is unique and designed specifically for each couple. Typically, we like couples to have participated in our small group or private 3-hour Couple's Massage Workshop before participating in an Intimate Touch or Sensual Massage Workshop. This helps us get to know each other better before the workshop as well as gives you both a good foundation in the massage techniques that we will build on. It also gives you time to practice what you learned in the first workshop and think about how you want to expand upon that learning in a more intimate or sensual way. If it is not possible to attend the 3-Hour Couple's Massage Workshop or you want to skip that step, please contact us to discuss the possibilities. 


So what exactly is an Intimate Touch or Sensual Massage Workshop? 

The answer(s) actually depend mostly on you and what you want it to be, as each session is completely designed around you and your partner. I like to start my Intimate Touch and Sensual Massage sessions off with a statement that goes something like this: Since you have been through the Couple’s Massage Workshop, you already know the basics of giving a good massage...and since you are an intimate adult couple, you already know the basics of having I want to show all of the amazing things that you can do in between those two ends of the spectrum.  


So, neither the Intimate Touch or Sensual Massage Workshop are designed to be physically or overtly sexual in nature. Instead, they are designed to help you experience deep levels of intimacy, connection and emotional awareness with each other. They are also designed to allow you to both elicit and experience different levels of sensual awareness and desire without the intention or expectation of fully acting upon them immediately. Creating a mesmerizing space where you can be full of desire for each other and yet, thoroughly satisfied with each other at the same time.  


I have created two different workshops to serve as starting points for the conversation that will ultimately lead to the creation of your specific workshop. They each have a different starting point, different levels of touch and intimacy, as well as different outcomes. Feel free to walk down these well-explored paths or to create your own path when setting up your workshop.


The Intimate Touch Workshop is focused on helping you both understand how to communicate different types of emotions, feelings, needs and desires through your touch. The workshop is often done on a very comfortable floor mat and begins with both partners fully clothed. Then I will show you how you can develop deeper levels of intimacy by holding and touching eachother in different ways. Learn more about how your partner likes to be touched in different situations and emotional states. Learn more about how your partner interprets different kinds of touch and what their responses to your touch actually mean. Learn more about what your partner is trying to communicate to you through their touch and their responses to your touch. Learn how to melt completely into your partner with special holds, embraces and partner breathing exercises. 


The Sensual Massage Workshop is focused specifically on making your massage sessions more sensual. You will learn how to help your partner reach a state of complete relaxation, bliss and surrender; where they can experience a heightened sense of sensuality and pleasure. You will learn how to work with both the conscious and unconscious breath to create different states of arousal and awareness for both you and your partner. You will learn that every part of the human body can be an erogenous zone and which areas of your partner are especially erogenous. You will learn how to touch and massage your partner in the ways that they most want to be touched.


Whichever workshop you decide to explore, it will be designed specifically for you based on what you tell me you are looking for. It can be as creative or as simple as you want. We will establish mutual objectives and boundaries so that we all know exactly what is expected and not expected. I have different questionnaires that I will ask you to fill out and other resources that I can use to help you design the perfect workshop for you and your partner. 


Call (206) 817-5896 or email ( to get more information or book your session. To check availability for a private session, take a look at my online schedule for any two-hour or three-hour block that is available. You can also use the contact form below to ask questions or inquire about scheduling a workshop.

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Finer Details: These workshops are not physically or overtly sexual in nature, but that does not mean that we can not have adult conversations about our bodies and our relationships. These workshops are outside of the scope of licensed therapeutic massage and the workshop facilitators do not have any special licensing, degrees or training that specifically qualifies them to lead the workshops (as none is required). There is no client-therapist relationship being created by participating in these workshops. All participants must be 18 years old.