The Instructors

As a massage school we are fortunate to have several great massage instructors available to teach our workshops. Our principal instructors for our Couple's Massage Workshops are:

Joe Lavin LMP, CPT - Lead Instructor

Joe is a Licensed Massage Therapist (MA60233907) and Certified Personal Trainer. He is a graduate of Northwest School of Massage and before that had been involved with massage and body work on a limited basis for well over 10 years. Joe originally got interested in body work through his involvement in boxing, traditional martial arts and then mixed martial arts. He was a professional kick boxer for several years and fought in several different countries including Thailand, the Philippines, Canada and the United States. As you might expect, your body takes quite a beating as a professional fighter, so during that time he was exposed to many different body work styles and practitioners. 


Besides teaching touch and massage, Joe has also taught yoga, martial arts and certification courses for the National Federation of Personal Trainers among other things. He is a very relational teacher and is passionate about teaching others how to incorporate the power of touch into their lives. You can learn more about Joe and his massage from his personal massage practice website at

If you would like to book an individual massage session with Joe you can call him at (206) 817.5896 or email him  

Wendy Lavin MPT, MOMT - Instructor

Wendy is a Licensed Physical Therapist. She has over 15 years of professional experience and brings a very different, and welcomed, perspective to the workshops.  


Wendy has a  Bachelor of Science degree in Sports Medicine from Pennsylvania State University, a Master's degree in Physical Therapy from Hahnemann University and a Master's degree in Orthopedic Manual Therapy from The Ola Grimsby Institute and she is currently finishing her Doctorate In Manual Physical Therapy.


Wendy is an avid runner, cycler and every now and then you will find her trying to climb Mount Rainer. She is passionate about health, exercise and relaxation massage as a way for couple's to get closer to each other.  


You can learn more about Wendy's physical therapy practice through her company website If you would like to see Wendy for your physical therapy needs you can email her at

ReBecca Lavin LMP- Instructor

ReBecca is a Licensed Massage Therapist and 2001 graduate of a comprehensive 1000-hour program offered by The Brian Utting School of Massage in Seattle, WA.  


Since that time she has primarily maintained a successful private practice, MassageBeneficial, in Redmond, WA., while sharing time with other clinical practices, off and on, as well as a valuable instructor, with us, at Power of Touch Workshops.  

She continues to pursue a myriad of educational opportunities to enrich her body of knowledge and is passionate about sharing what she continues to learn with others. 

A fair portion of her practice is focused on methods of stress reduction as a path to better health. You can learn more about ReBecca‘s massage and her healing philosophy from her practice website at


If you would like to book an individual massage session or a private Couples Massage Workshop with ReBecca you can call her at (206) 271-0622 or email her at