Couple's Massage Weekend

We are looking for a new location to host our Couple's Massage Weekend Getaways and will let you know when we find it. If you know of a beautiful location that can sleep 6 couples and has a large open room to set up our tables in please let us know! Email or Cell: (206) 817-5896  

Renew, Rejuvenate, Reconnect…

The Couple’s Massage Weekend is designed for couples who want to connect on a more intimate level with each other through the power of touch, massage and communication. Relax and enjoy each other’s company while learning to give your partner a truly world class, full body massage.

There will be a total of 5 “hands on” massage workshops led by Joe Lavin LMP, CPT, a very accomplished massage therapist and uniquely gifted teacher and his lovely wife, Wendy Lavin PT, MOMT who is a very accomplished Physical Therapist and an equally skilled teacher. Together they share their knowledge of touch, massage and bodywork as well as how they have used these gifts to develop a more intimate relationship over the past 18 years.


Location - Thomas Ridge at Summit Lake

A beautiful and spacious 5 Bedroom lake front property on Summit Lake (about 20 minutes west from Olympia). Decks, private dock, fireplaces, fire pit, Wifi (so you wont have withdrawal symptoms).

The Schedule

Show up Friday evening any time after 7:00 PM to get settled in and then join us at 9:00 PM for a Wine and Snacks Social Gathering.  Saturday will be a day of learning to give and receive a truly world class massage as well as learning how to use touch and massage to develop a more intimate relationship. On Sunday we will finish off with an invigorating Thai Massage and Partner Stretching Workshop before heading back into the real world around lunch time.



The cost for the entire weekend is just $575 per couple. This includes 3 days and 2 nights lodging, meals, linens, massage supplies and all of the workshops. 



The next Couples Massage Weekend Getaway that is not sold out will be in the fall. Check back often or send us an email and ask to be notified when it is scheduled. 


All workshops are 100% "hands on" just like the original Couple's Massage Workshop, so you are both going to get a lot of massage!