Dynamic Cupping for Dynamic Couples

Learn the art of Dynamic Massage Cupping and find out what all the buzz is about. It seemingly started with Michael Phelps at the Olympics, but there was also Jennifer Aniston on the beach, Lady Gaga in a photo shoot,  Victoria Beckham, Kim Kardashian West...but the celebrity pioneer might be Gwyneth Paltrow who was sporting her cupping therapy marks all the way back in 2004.


PS, scared of those "marks"? We get it. You do not need to mark your partner with our dynamic cupping if you do not want to. Most of the marks that you see out there are done with glass cups using fire to create a vacuum and then left in one place for quite a while. We use silicone cups and we move them around so they do not have to leave marks if you do not want them. 


The benefits of cupping therapy are widely debated but it has been practiced and respected for thousands of years. You can read more about my cupping practice here. Personally, I believe that the vacuum created by the suction effect of the cups increases blood and lymphatic circulation systemically and locally, relaxes muscle and connective tissue, draws out “stagnation”, pathogenic factors and toxins from the tissues, and releases a myriad of pain-causing factors…and that is in addition to the physiological and relaxation benefits of the Deep Lomi massage I will show you how to cup dynamically with.


In this workshop you will learn how to safely cup by practicing on each other with our guidance. We will use silicone cups and there will be no open flames. 


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Class Length: 2 Hours

Price: $150 per Couple

Open To: Anyone

Next Date(s): February 29th at 11:30 AM in Seattle


Check the schedule to see when this class is being offered next or Email Me, text or call me at (206) 817-5896 to be notified when we schedule the next one. PS - This one fills up fast!