Really Deep Massage Made Delightfully Easy!

Come learn some of the most effective deep muscle massage techniques that you can perform on your partner with very little stress on your body. In this class, you will learn advanced, therapeutic deep tissue massage techniques that will thoroughly satisfy your deep tissue massage lover!


This two-hour workshop is for Alumni of the Couple's Massage Workshop or Licensed Massage Therapists only and focuses entirely on deep work, really deep work! It is a One-Partner-Works Workshop in that only one of you will be doing the massage during this workshop, the other gets to enjoy the work. 


You will learn how to use all of your body to apply pressure and work on your partner: Hands, elbows, knees, shins, feet and we are just getting started, We will also be playing with some pretty serious massage tools including hot stones, cupping and more. We might even pull out a power tool or two. So get ready to learn the true secrets of professional massage therapists...and yes, if you are a professional massage therapist you will definitely learn some new techniques that your clients will rave about!


Although we are going to show you the safest and least strenuous way to perform these techniques, this is a pretty active class. You will be getting up on the table quite a bit, bending your knees and hips to do the work. So if you have any concerns about being able to do the work or get the most out of the workshop, please contact us and discuss this before registering.


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Class Length: 2 Hours

Price: $150 per Couple

Open To: Couple’s Massage Workshop Alumni and Professional Bodyworkers

Next Date(s): February 15th at 10:00 AM in Seattle


Check the schedule to see when this class is being offered next or Email Me, text or call me at (206) 817-5896 to be notified when we schedule the next one. PS - This one fills up fast!