Deep Tissue Massage Workshop

This two-hour workshop is for Alumni of the Couple's Massage Workshop or Licensed Massage Therapists only and focuses entirely on the deep work, the really deep work! It is a One Partner Workshop in that only one of you will be doing the massage during this workshop, the other gets to lay there and enjoy the work. 


This workshop is designed for the couple where one person really likes deep bodywork and the other person is having a challenge doing the work without compromising their body. If both partners want the deep work, you can just take the class on different nights.


Continuing on from the Three-Hour Couple's Massage Workshop we are going to focus on generating significantly more deep and specific pressure in ways that do not put too much stress on your body, your partner will notice a profound difference in the massage they receive. 


We will teach you Barefoot Massage techniques where you stand on your partner and let all of your body weight sink into them. Hot Stone techniques where we show you ways to use hot stones and other massage tools to generate extremely deep pressure on a really small area. Table Thai Massage techniques where you use both you and your partner's body weight as a tool for generating more pressure and stress on the muscles you are targeting. Very specific forearm and elbow techniques and more. 


Although we are going to show you the safest and least strenuous way to perform these techniques, this is a pretty active class. You will be getting up on the table quite a bit, bending your knees and hips to do the work, and it is work. So if you have any concerns about being able to get the most out of the workshop, please contact us and discuss this before registering.


Check the schedule to see when this class is being offered next or EMail Me fill out the form below to be notified when we schedule the next one. PS - This one fills up fast!