Here is some information that will help you prepare for your Private Couple's Massage Workshop and get the most out of it. 


Location: Your workshop will be held at the Artisan School of Massage aka The Massage Lab which is located in the 419 Building in lower Queen Anne. A three-story brick building next door to the Mediterranean Hotel (the yellow one) which is about a block south of the Uptown Cinema and two blocks west of the Key Arena. The Classroom is in Suite B-3 on the lower floor.


Artisan School of Massage / The Massage Lab

419 Queen Anne Ave N, Suite B3

Seattle, WA 98109


When you get here, use the front door intercom to dial “#34” for access (don’t hang up until you hear the buzz!) or call my cell if there is no buzz or you would rather just meet in the Starbucks upstairs to talk about the workshop before we begin. 


Parking: Street parking is available in the vicinity, in 1-hour to 4-hour increments (street parking is free on Sundays). There are also parking lots for $5.00 - $10.00 per day and up depending upon proximity to the Seattle Center complex. There are many of these lots close to the 419 Building with the majority of them south of the school (the farther from the Seattle Center, the less expensive the prices).


Share With Your Partner: If this is not a surprise, it would be a good idea to share all of this information with your partner.  


What To Wear: Wear or bring loose, comfortable clothes for when you are giving the massage. Sweats, gym clothes, yoga apparel even shorts and a short sleeved T-shirt are preferred so you can move around comfortably. If you can bring a shirt without sleeves that would be even better as you will be using your forearms, elbows and maybe even your shoulders at times. PS - Jeans and skirts/dresses do not work well at all.


Massage Lotion: I will provide massage lotion, gel and oils for you at the workshop. I will also have Eucerin available in case you have any issues with emollients. You can also bring your own lotion/oil if you have special needs or just love what you have. 


Draping and Modesty: We will talk about your level of modesty and how you want to be draped before the workshop starts, you will always be in full control of this during the workshop. When you are receiving during your workshop you can wear as much or as little as you want and be as covered or as uncovered as you want. From my perspective the less you wear the easier and more thorough the work is. However, this is completely a personal preference issue that I leave up to you and your partner.


You can see more about your modesty and draping choices by downloading the Private Massage Workshop Questionnaire (or Private Sensual Massage Workshop Questionnaire if you want a more sensually focused workshop). You can also download my Massage Wordle to personalize your experiences even more. Make sure and bring them with you to the workshop if you fill them out --> but no worries, I will have copies here for you if you are not able to complete them before you arrive. 


Ideas: Feel free to check out the Massage Videos area of the website to get some ideas on what you can learn in your workshop. You can also bring any books or videos of your own with you of things that you want learn and I can incorporate them into your workshop. 


Other Thoughts

Trim your nails and buff them (smooth the edges) for the best massage experience.

Bring hair ties if you have long hair. 

Bring bottled water and maybe a light snack if you want. 


Please feel encouraged to reach out to me with any questions, ideas or concerns before your workshop. You can Message me through AirBnB, by email at or by voice/text to my cell at (206) 817-5896.  


See you soon,


Joe Lavin

(206) 817-5896