Couple's Massage Videos and DVD

I am looking for bids on the following project and want to start filming in the greater Seattle area as soon as possible. Please email me at or call me at (206) 817-5896 if you want to help me with this project.


I want to put my Couple's Massage Workshop on video. First for online delivery and then eventually on a DVD. I am estimating that I initially need to shoot 6 to 8 hours of footage so that I can produce the course, some teaser videos and some advanced technique videos. From this I want to get 120 to 180 minutes of completed footage that will be comprised of several 8 to 15 minute segments. Each segment will need titles and most will need a musical background and/or some voice overs. 


If you are interested, can you please provide me your thoughts on the project, samples of your work and what your costs would be either hourly for 1) videography and 2) editing and/or for the complete project? Also, can you provide me with a link to your video portfolio? 


Initial Videography

I am, of course looking for the highest quality viedography that I can afford at this time. I need some wider angle shots and some close ups which can be done at same time or shot separately. Later, I will want to add some testimonials and some talking head commentary (but that will be a separate project). 


Voice Overs vs. Live Audio

I will want to use a combination of live recorded audio with the video shoot and voice overs as I tend to do some of my best work “in the moment” but want to be able to be very clear and descriptive at points as well.



I am planning on renting the space for the initial shoot, unless you have a studio that would work well. I am in the process of finding a nice yoga studio or something similar for a full day rental. Any suggestion here would be great.  


Initial Editing

This seems like the most expensive part of the process, so I would like to see what parts of the editing/cutting it makes sense for me to do and what is best left in your hands. I have Adobe Premier Pro but I only have moderate editing skills. 


Online Delivery Platform
I am planning on selling a membership/access very much like this:



This is a good example of the concept, although I will be shooting a traditional, table-based massage. However, I like his style, the video quality, the lighting and the general mood. I would focus on the massage clips first and then add talking head and other clips later. 

These are decent examples of some massage videos, but I would like to produce them with a better look/quality.

Some Of My Past Attempts....

Here are a few videos that I shot myself, they are rough, but they should give you an idea of what my massage looks like and how it can see all of my posted videos here:

These first two are from my most recent professional shoot that did not work out as well as I would have liked, but I was able to get some short videos out of it. 

These are some videos that I shot myself or with a friend shooting...