Massage Videos

We search hard every month to find videos that we think will be relevant and help you get better at giving each other good....I mean, great massages! We will be adding our own personally produced videos soon and you can see our playlists and other massage videos on our YouTube Channels: The Power of Touch Workshops YouTube Channel  |  Joe Lavin's Massage Therapy YouTube Channel

My Deep Lomi 

These are videos that of my personal Deep Lomi Massage Style, which is the most like what I taught you in the workshop. Some of them are for teaching massage therapists, but you will still be able to get a lot of ideas for the next amazing massage you give to your partner!

Specific Techniques

These videos will show you some specific techniques that you can incorporate into your massage to either make it more therapeutic for your partner or make it easier for you and your body as you give the massage. They include Forearm Massage, Barefoot Massage and Hot Stone Massage.

Specific Body Parts

These videos focus on working with specific muscles or specific areas of the body, such as; Gluteal Massage Videos, Stomach Work Videos, and last but definitely not least, The Feet

Wonderful Massage Styles

These are some videos of really cool bodywork techniques you can incorporate into your massage and treat your partner to a truly amazing massage! They include; Ayurvedic MassageLomi Lomi Massage Videos and Side Lying Massage Videos.

Floor Massage and Thai Massage Videos

These are videos that show you how you can give a great massage on the floor or on a bed as well as how you can do some great partner stretches with each other. They Include: Floor Massage VideosThai Massage (Beautiful Demonstration Videos) and My Thai Stretching Demo Videos.

The Kitchen Sink and Everything Else

Videos and categories that just don't fit into any of the categories above such as Baby Massage and Watsu.... 

External Links To Good Massage Videos

Here are some external links to some online video examples on massage. We are hoping to produce our own series, tailored especially for our workshops soon, in the meantime we will update this site with new links and content each month, so keep coming back.


Our YouTube Channels: You can see our playlists and other massage videos on our YouTube Channels (as well as subscribe to get new videos when they come out): The Power of Touch Workshops YouTube Channel  |  Joe Lavin's Massage Therapy YouTube Channel


Ehow Swedish Massage Tips - In this free health video series, let our massage specialist show you the different techniques of Swedish massage. Start by learn about compression and different back stretches. She explains different styles of massage like effleurage, petrissage and stripping. Sit back, relax and enjoy a wonderful Swedish massage.


Essential Oils Massage Examples - Some of these are completely corny, but there are some good techniques here and you are going to love (or absolutely hate) the music!


Melt Massage For Couples - This is an online video course that focuses on how to give a very intimate, fully clothed, massage to your partner. It is very different from the full-body table massage that we teach at the Couple's Massage Workshop and focuses much more heavily on developing an intimate touch with your partner in an everyday environment. Denis Merkas, a fantastic massage therapist from Australia, will show you how to truly pamper your partner with some loving touch. The normal price for this video series is $99, however Denis has graciously extended a special price to our Alumni of just $39. Just use the code: touchfactor