Using Hot Stones

Here are some videos on how to use hot stones in your massage to warm up your partner's muscles, relax them, get some deeper work done and protect your thumbs and wrists. Remember to go very slow when using hot stones and always make sure you check with your partner to make sure the stones are not too hot.

These first videos show some relaxation and warm up techniques for using hot stones in your massage. These are nice, but I love hot stones because of the deep, penetrating work you can get done without hurting your thumbs or wrists...those videos are a little further down the page. 

Linda Roisum demonstrates some Hot Stone Massage on the shoulders. A lot of what she demonstrates is too fast for my liking (unless you are testing the stone for being cool enough), but she does do some detailed work that looks nice. 


PS - Boycott protocols, sets...and routines, etc. Let your bodywork be intuitive and just do what you feel needs to be done!

Eric Stephenson

Here are some videos from Eric Stephenson, Director of Education for imassage, Inc., Eric is very detailed and uses a few technical terms, but the videos are pretty easy to follow.