Forearm Massage Videos

Here are some videos highlighting forearm massage techniques. Using the forearm, elbow and triceps area to massage your partner is a great way to bring deeper pressure without having to work harder. It provides a welcome relief for your hands and thumbs. It feels great and it is pretty fun to learn and do as well. 


We looked through hundreds of videos to find the ones that we thought you would get the most benefit from. These are all third party videos and we are not directly endorsing anyone unless we specifically say so. If you find any videos out there that you would like to recommend, please do so. 

Sheri Auth

The first two are from Sheri Auth and illustrate her forearm only massage method. We do highly recommend her and her educational materials. You can find out more about her at:

This is a nice video showing some forearm work on the shoulder while your partner is lying on their side. 

The next one is a sales pitch for her new DVD, but there are a couple of good demonstrations in it....

Val Guin - Forearm Dance

Val has a great DVD called the Forearm Dance, which is basically a tutorial on how to do a complete body massage primarily with the forearms and elbows. Her style emanates from Hawaiian Lomi Lomi so you will notice that the draping is pretty minimal and it can be pretty 'artsy'.  Her website is:

A few things from Expert Village...