Barefoot Massage Techniques

One of the best ways to significantly increase the amount of pressure or depth that you can give your partner without having to put undue stress on your body are going to "Hulk Mode" is to use your feet to give your partner the massage. There are a lot of different styles of barefoot massage. The main differences in the styles are due to their origins and/or attempts to systematize the work or make it more proprietary. I am going to use the generic name "barefoot massage" as much as possible here and hope that does not offend any practitioners.



There are a lot of caveats and nuances here, but the main ones I will focus on are

  1. Practice on the floor before you do this on a table.
  2. Make sure that you as the giver are very well balanced and that you have access to stable supports for your body such as poles, walls, someone to spot you, etc.
  3. Make sure that you do not put too much pressure on your partner! Progress the pressure slowly and check-in with your partner constantly!
  4. If you are not sure, come in for a workshop or find a practitioner in your area that you can learn from.


These first three videos are pretty good instructional videos from PsycheTruth. 

This video is a good example of some of the deeper work that you can do with your feet.

These next videos are just really great examples of how amazing barefoot massage can actually be. Enjoy...

Because you will never know if you don't try :-)