Stomach Massage Videos

We do not cover much stomach massage in the 3-Hour Public Workshop, but it is a really important area to massage and be comfortable with. It can definitely feel awkward at first, for both the giver and receiver, but gently massaging your partner's stomach can be very soothing, intimate and very, very healthy both short and long term.


I will add some more reasons why this is such an important area to work on soon. For now, here are some videos with ideas about how to do that.


Some of these are a bit too technical, but look at the different techniques being used and try those out on your partner. Always start very lightly in the abdomen area and check in with your partner frequently to see how they are receiving the work.



I think this whole section is sumarized really well by in the information about their clip below. 


"Abdominal massage is one of the best forms of bodywork for promoting a profound level of relaxation. This state helps to gently release stress and tensions, stimulate blood circulation and lymphatic system, strengthen immune system and increase vitality, boost fertility and promote digestive health."


This is a great demonstration of a lot of techniques. The only thing I would add about the clip is that you should go considerably slower and work with much less pressure, at least until you are both comfortable with the work.


Abdominal Oil Massage

I like the nice fanning of the entire abdomen here, the light approach, clockwise movement. The progression of pressure, the reinforced hands and soft fingers...

Just a nice short video showing some basic effleurage (soft touch) of the abdomen.

This is a couple of clips from a series of instructional abdominal massage videos from (which has a lot of massage videos on it). I am including them because I like the techniques as they are demonstrated, not for the therapeutic benefits described.

This is a another video from that is pretty long (10 minutes) but shows some advanced techniques that for those of you wanting to explore further.