Gluteal Massage Videos

OK, this was one of the harder areas to find any real good videos for but at least I had some good laughs (along with a few awkward moments :-). Overall these videos have some good techniques, but I will keep looking for some better ones. We will be shooting our own later this year and hopefully we can do the tush some justice!

The draping here is pretty good if you are ever going to work on friends or family. The video starts out with some nice circular, alternating hand techniques and then goes into some nice stripping techniques. After that some tapotement (percussion) techniques are demonstrated, these can be good for stimulating blood flow and warming the muscle tissue. I am not really sure what starts happening at about 1:12 (it just looks a little awkward and the music just makes it worse) but things get better at about 1:30. 

I like the techniques here and I like the fact that he is working the entire gluteal muscles and beyond (the attachments, etc). Be careful when using your elbows, especially the bony part, you can hurt your partner and tweak your own ulnar nerve. Remember, effleurage is the light stroke for spreading lotion, warming and assessing the tissue. Petrissage is the deeper, kneading style of massage stroke.

Rough video but good work overall. Again, she works the gluteal region and beyond. The circular fists, especially with the extended thumb are really effective and feel great. She finishes with some nice long, Lomi Lomi style, strokes.

I like the lower handwork at the beginning, but be careful about rubbing over the spine because this can be painful you for your partner. Nice variation of strokes and transitions between them. This video just shows him working the upper gluteal's, but you can apply this to the entire gluteal region.