Foot Massage Videos

Ahhhh, the feet! Table or no table, get good at working on your partners feet and life will be good. Really, really good! Make sure and ask your partner what they like and don't like because we are all so different here.


Here are some videos to give you some ideas, some are a little therapeutic/vocational massage therapist focused, but don't get overwhelmed. Just look for techniques that you think your partner will love and try those. 

Rebecca Harrick LMT

Rebecca gives a very quick overview on some things you can do for the feet. The text sometimes covers her work but you can still see most of it :-)


Eric Stephenson

Eric Stephenson, Director of Education for imassage, Inc., demonstrates a great hot stone technique for working on your partners feet that shuold feel great and save your thumbs. He uses some technical terms, but the video is easy to follow.


This is an Ayurvedic approach to massaging the feet from the Ayurvedic Massage Video Page

PsycheTruth.Com Foot Massage Videos

Here are some longer videos from that demonstrate some nice foot massage techniques. Each video is over 10 minutes long, so grab your partners feet and practice while you are watching....

The Fabulous Foot Massage by Heather Wibbels, LMT

How could I not post these, with a title like that? This is a pretty full tutorial on how to work on your partner's feet, face up and face down, from Heather Wibbels, LMT.