Watsu is water-based form of bodywork that is beautiful to behold and experience. It may not be for everybody, but in my humble opinion everybody should try it at least once in their life because it can be a truly profound experience. I especially recommend Watsu sessions to my pregnant clients in their later months....

Watsu can be very physical and focused on healing only the body or relaxing the receiver. When you see this kind of work, the practitioner and receiver although physically close appear to be engaged in the very different roles of giver and receiver. However, as you will notice in the videos below, Watsu can also be very much like a therapeutic dance, where the giver and receiver appear to be very much dependent upon the other, interrelated and sharing a deep connection. If you decide to try a Watsu session, talk to you practitioner about the experience you want to receive and the amount of nurturing you are comfortable with. (and do not get scared by the videos below if they nudge your comfort zones a little...)

It is truly an experiential form of bodywork and every person's experience is uniquely theirs. I will add more to this page later but for now, here are some videos to "wet" your appetite :-)