Offers and Promotions for Alumni

I will post special offers etc. here that are available for our alumni from time to time. 

Discount on the Original 3 Hour Couple's Massage Workshop - Our alumni are always welcome to take the three hour public couples massage workshop again (and again, and again, and again...)  For just $100 each time. 


Discount on Private Workshops

Our Alumni can schedule Private Workshops with Joe at his hourly massage rate. Just check his schedule for a two or three hour block of time and let him know.  


Gift Certificates

Alumni can purchase gift certificates for our Three Hour Couples Massage Workshop to give to their friends and family for just $125. The Gift Certificates will not show the discounted amount. Call or email us to purchase.


Professional Massage

Even though you are probably giving each other a lot of really good massages, it is nice to get a professional massage from time to time :-)


Joe: If you ever want to get a professional massage from me, or refer me to friends (Thank you very much!) my personal massage practice website is at  I have a great home studio in Magnolia and my Deep Lomi Ultra Relaxation Massage is an incredible experience. I offer Couple's Massage Workshop Alumni 50% off of their first massage. 


ReBecca: Some of you will meet my mother in the workshops she co-instructs. If you would like to get a professional massage, or refer friends to her, ReBecca Lavin, her website is at, her cell phone is (206) 271-0622. Her private practice is in Redmond. She specialties in Deep Therapeutic Relaxation, Injury Treatment and Stress Management in a space so relaxing you won’t want to leave.  She also offers Couple's Massage Workshop Alumni 50% off of their first massage.