Side Lying Massage Videos

Although most often associated with pregnancy massage, I love giving and receiving side lying massage at any time. It is a great way to give a more relaxing, more therapeutic and/or more intimate massage. it is also great when you do not have a massage table. I have not found a lot of great videos online, but I will keep looking or we will make some of our own soon.


Getting Started 

Get a body pillow and a really comfortable pillow that supports the head and neck (one of those concave pillows works great here). Support their head with a pillow and have them basically hug the body pillow. Then have your partner lay on their side with their bottom leg extended and their top leg resting on the body pillow, lifted (knee towards chest) and bent.



If you are using a table you can work from a standing position or get up on the table and work from a top down position to get more pressure. If you are on a flat surface, you might find the one knee down and one leg bent with the foot down position to give you the best leverage.


Robert Haase, LMP
This clip is from Robert Haase's Massage With Confidence DVD that has been around for a while. He takes a beating from some critical LMP's but he does present some good ideas and techniques in the DVD. He is having his model use an elevated arm position which will allow you to access some areas easier than when your partner is hugging a pillow. 

Another Video From Shari Auth (Forearm Massage Page) 

Here Shari shows ways you can massage your partner in a side lying position using your forearms. This is a great way to get more pressure and protect your hands/thumbs. 

Side Lying Thai Massage

This is a great modality to use when you do not have a massage table or just want to try something different. You have great leverage, you can directly work on some areas that are not as easy to work on when your partner is face up or down and you can also do some great flexibility/range of motion work as well. I will be posting an entire Thai Massage video page soon.


The pillow that she uses in this demonstration is much shorter than what I use in my side lying massage, but it does open up her partner's upper body quite a bit.