Lomi Lomi Massage Videos

Lomi Lomi is an ancient form of massage native to the Hawaiian Islands. It has a rich heritage and spirituality that I cannot begin to do justice to by trying to explain... so I won't. What I can tell you is that I like to use a lot of Lomi Lomi techniques in my massage, I think it is one of the major techniques that sets my massage apart from other therapists.


The reason that I want to highlight this form of bodywork and include these videos here is to give you some ideas of the massage that you can do when you are not restricted by the draping we use in the normal workshop. (So if you are watching these before taking our 3-hour workshop, rest assured that you will be much more modestly draped than the people below). 


As you are watching the videos, look for the following things:

Connective strokes: One of the great things about Lomi Lomi massage is that it connects all of the parts of the body. It is a great technique for transitioning from one part of the body to the next. 


Smooth flow: The smoother that you can make your massage strokes, the more relaxing your massage will be,.

Increased sensuality: Some of you have asked for more information on sensual couples massage and I think that the Lomi Lomi style of massage is a very good base for developing a sensual massage that you and your partner will enjoy.


Also, as you are watching the videos, overlook any cheesy music or production. We are going to shoot our own videos next year, and hopefully will go light on the "cheesy"...You can close any ads that show up in the videos by clicking on the X in the ad.



This woman has an outstanding rhythm and flow to her work. My only suggestion here is to think about working a lot slower if you are given a relaxation massage and/or until you have practiced some of the transitions enough to do them at a faster speed, not that you ever need to do then as fast as she is.

In this video, I like how she incorporates some deep forearm work on the upper back at about 1:10 and combines that with some nice flourishes on the neck. 

In this video there is some nice stomach work with some good transitions over the hips to the thigh and some examples of how you can keep your partner (somewhat) modestly covered and still have access to the majority of the body for your work.

Nice transitions, long massage strokes (angle to shoulder). I like how he works the stomach and the lower back at the same time and how he uses the table. Again, my preference would be to slow the work down to make it more relaxing unless I was giving a pre or post event sports massage, or a purposefully invigorating massage.

This video is not Lomi Lomi per se, but it is a good example of how you can modify any modality to meet your needs.  I like the work she's doing here, it is both relaxing and deep at the same time and she is not wearing herself out or working too hard.