Beautiful Thai Massage Demonstration Videos

These are some really beautiful Thai Massage videos that can give you an idea of how elegant and flowing the style can be. However, don't get to caught up in how fancy some of this looks or how smooth the transitions are. These are some of the best practitioners working on their favorite clients or other therapists. The main take aways for beginners should be the easy but dynamic partner stretches you see in these videos and also ideas about how you can work on each other with out having a table.



Itzhak Helman

This is a beautiful five minute promotional video for Itzhak Helman's professional Thai Massage training that is held all over the world. It would be a great a vacation idea :-) and anyone that has been through our workshop would do great at his Beginner's Course.


His website is  

Advanced Thai Yoga Massage Demo with Ralf Marzen

Ralf Marzen is with the Mudita School of Thai Yoga Massage and these  are acouple of promotional videos for how body work. There are some great stretches in here as well as some nice relaxation and movement techniques. 


This next video is obviously shot on the same location as Ralf's above. I do not know who the therapist is. 

Kam Thye Chow Impromptu Thai Massage

Kam Thye Chow is one of my favorite Thai Massage teachers. He has a very practical and straightforward style of teaching and Thai Bodywork. This routine does not have a lot of advanced stretches and it is one that all of you could learn and perform on almost anyone almost anywhere!


So get your partner or friend, turn on the video and practice in real time with Kam.


His website is

The Art of Thai Yoga - Joshua Hodnett

I just could not resist including this video even though I can not classify it as Thai Massage or Thai Stretching. It is sort of a Sensual Thai Yoga Massage for Limber good luck! :-)    PS - A lot of the stretches and transitions in this video are very advanced, and I don't recommend trying them without an actual Thai Massage instructor there to help you!