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The Art of Slow Touch - Here is something I wrote that addresses one of the cornerstones of a really good massage, especially a "couple's massage". The title pretty much says it all. 


Stretches You Can Do At your Desk and Change Your Life! - This is an article that I am working on to help all of my friends and clients that are sitting at a desk for the majority of their day and need something easy that they can do, right at their desk, that can help them in a dramatic fashion. (I will be adding pictures/diagrams in the next month or so).


Workshop Notebook
This PDF file provides a review of many of the things that we go over in the workshop, including a step by step outline for a full body massage.
Adobe Acrobat Document 266.6 KB
Thai Massage Workshop Handout
This is a handout I prepared for a Thai Massage Workshop that I taught. It is just a basic outline and it has some good resources.
Thai massage.pdf
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Articles on the Power of Touch
Some good articles on the power of touch and massage.
POTW - Articles on The Power of Touch.pd
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Thai Massage Stretch Table
This is a table of stretches that I am working on. I will be shooting my own pictures of all of the stretches shortly so we can publish a nice table of stretches.
Thai Massage Stretch Table.pdf
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