Ideas For Your Next Couples Massage

We realize that most of the people that find this page can't make it out to Seattle for a weekend massage workshop. So we have put together this section for our alumni and for those that can't make it for a workshop, to give you some ideas on how you can treat your partner with an incredible massage experience. 


A lot of the information in this area is from third parties that we think have something to offer to both those of you who have been through one of our workshops as well as those who have not been in...yet! Sometimes the information or examples might be a little technical or involve advanced skills. Don't worry too much about that, we are just encouraging you to take away from them what you think you can use to improve the quality of your touch and massage. As always, you should make sure that anything that you attempt to do with your partner is reasonable and appropriate for them and their unique health considerations; and you should consult a licensed massage therapist or your qualified medical professional if you have any unique health considerations or concerns.


If you find something that you think we should add to this area, please let us know...