Frequently Asked Questions

Browse the frequently asked questions and answers below to see if your questions are here. If not, please go to the bottom of the page and ask us your question. We will answer it promptly and maybe even include it here as well. 


The most frequently asked questions deal with personal modesty. First of all, please be assured that your personal modesty is important to us. You can do participate in the workshop full clothed or dressed down to your comfort level. Either way, you will be modestly covered the entire time by a sheet or your clothing. If you have serious concerns about your personal modesty give us a call and we can talk more about this. You can also just book a private session.


How Big Are The Workshops?
We usually have between four and six couples at our Couples Massage Workshops and we will have at least two facilitators for any workshops with more than four couples, so you get plenty of personal attention and guidance. We also have private sessions for couples and individuals as well.


What should I wear?
While you are giving the massage, you should wear very comfortable and loose clothing.  A short sleeve shirt is preferred over a long sleeve shirt. Remember that most massage oils and creams can stain clothing, so leave your designer clothes in the closet.

While you are receiving the massage, you can wear whatever you’re comfortable with. Many people dress down to underwear or shorts and others will be comfortable wearing nothing but being appropriately and professionally draped with a sheet and still others are fine wearing a pair of sweats. Whatever makes you comfortable.  


What Should I bring? 
We provide everything that you will need for the workshop. If you have any skin allergies, you may bring your own lotion (please do not bring any heavily scented lotions or oils that may disturb others). 


What exactly are we going to Learn?
First and foremost, how to give and receive an excellent massage! You will learn some of the most effective and relaxing massage strokes as well as a truly mesmerizing Deep Lomi flow. We will also teach you many advanced techniques that we would teach to massage therapists in their required continuing education classes. 

What are the workshops like?
The workshop starts with a brief introduction by your facilitators going over the basics (challenges, precautions, getting comfortable, body mechanics, very basic anatomy) and then we get right to the good stuff! One of you will get on the table and receive at least an hour of massage from your partner while our facilitators guide the massage giver through several different techniques for a wonderful massage. Then we take a small break and then the other person gets on the table and receives at least an hour of massage from their partner who is receiving the same excellent hands-on guidance from our very talented facilitators. We finish with questions and answers and then you go home to continue the learning experience...

Are the workshops good for pregnant women?
Absolutely! We will modify a lot of the techniques into a side lying position and show your partner how to take excellent care of you throughout your pregnancy and long beyond that. Make sure and let us know if you are pregnant so we can make sure we have things like body pillows, etc. for you. Also, be sure and ask your medical professional if there are any special precautions needed in your particular pregnancy and health situation.

Is that all there is?
Definitely not. We hope that you keep learning and improving your massage skills and we send you monthly newsletters with ideas, information and new techniques (including diagrams, pictures and video examples). We will also have special alumni classes from time to time that will be very affordable and informative.

We have friends that we want to take the workshop with...
Great! Give us a call or send us an email and we can make sure that you are in the same workshop or even set up a private workshop for your group.

Fine Print

Because of the limited size and exclusive nature of the workshop there are no refunds for missing a scheduled workshop but we will gladly give you credit for a future workshop if you notify us by email 72 hours prior to the workshop you are scheduled to attend. This workshop is for recreational purposes only. You will not receive any certificate, degree or license for completing it.

Any More Questions? 
Give us a call at (206) 249-9705, email us at or use the form below and we will gladly answer them! 

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