Upcoming Couples Massage Workshop

Here is some important information to help prepare you for your workshops....

Arrival Time - 10 Minutes Early

Try to arrive 10 minutes early to get settled in, so we can get started right-on-time. You won’t want to miss anything and we want to give you both as much time on the table as possible. We lock the outside door 15 minutes after the workshop begins, please call me if you think this might be a problem.



The Northwest School of Massage is located at 13033 NE 70th Place, Kirkland, WA 98033. 

Important to note: We are in the same building as Tech City bowling alley, on the lower, northeast corner.    Google Map and Directions

Massage Lotion

We will provide massage lotion for you at the workshop. For those of you that care, we use Biotone Advanced Therapy Cream and Gel as well as Prelim Therapeutic Massage Balm. You can bring your own lotion if you have special needs or preferences as long as it is not scented as this can bother others in the workshop. 


Clothing and Draping

Wear loose, comfortable clothing (short sleeve shirt and sweats or stretchy pants highly recommended) for when you are giving the massage. You will want to be able to move around freely, stretch and use your forearms for massaging. 


When you are receiving your massage you will be professionally and modestly draped the entire time. Some people where nothing at all (under the sheets), others wear undergarments or shorts and others stay fully clothed. From the therapists perspective the less you wear the easier and more thorough the work is. However, this is completely a personal preference issue that we leave up to you. We do have changing rooms and modesty screens, but most people just disrobe under the sheet. There are usually only people of the same gender in the room while you are getting ready for your massage.


Other Thoughts: 

Trim your nails and buff them (smooth the edges) for the best massage experience.

Bring hair ties if you have long hair. 

Bring bottled water and maybe a light snack if you want.


Alumni Area

Since you are almost alumni, feel free to check out the alumni area of the website to get some ideas on some on what you will be learning. You should have received the password in your Upcoming Workshop Email. 


See you at the workshop!


Joe Lavin LMP, CPT