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I am a licensed massage therapist (MA60233907), certified personal trainer and yoga instructor. I have been involved with massage and body work for well over 10 years. I originally got interested in body work through my involvement in boxing, traditional martial arts and then mixed martial arts. I was a professional Muay Thai kick boxer for several years and I have fought in several different countries including Thailand, the Philippines, Canada and the United States. Your body takes quite a beating as a professional fighter, so during that time I was exposed to many different body work styles and practitioners.

Through these experiences I have been able to combine the best techniques from several different modalities (Swedish, Thai Masage, Lomi Lomi, Shiatsu, Ayurvedic) into my current massage practice which provides for a very unique, enjoyable and therapeutic massage experience.

My Massage

Actually, it is your massage and I am very good at adapting my massage skills to your personal preferences to make sure that you get the massage experience that you want. So the more that you can tell me about what you want, the better I can tailor my massage to your needs. 

That being said, I have a deep and intuitive touch. I like to give a very thorough massage, and to take my time giving it. I believe that a complete body massage should be at least 90 minutes to really be effective and up to two hours to be completely transforming. I realize that the thought of a two hour massage can be overwhelming to people at first, but trust me when I tell you that once you get used to it, anything else will seem like a halfhearted attempt and leave you just a little unsatisfied. 


My Rates

I keep my rates extremely low for the quality of bodywork that I give. I gladly accept tips from those who feel it is appropriate and can afford it and I gladly discount my rates (as often as reasonably possible) for those who need the work but genuinely can't afford it (because I've been there as well). 

At the School in Kirkland or my Home in Magnolia

$60 for 60 minutes

$75 for 90 minutes

$100 for 120 minutes

$150 for 180 minutes


Travel Rates

Add $25 for travel in the Seattle/Bellevue area

Introductory Rates (for Personal Referrals Only Please)

I am happy to give a free or 'pay what you want' massage to anyone referred to me personally by another massage therapist that I know or by a current client. I do this because I am very confident in my work and I want to build lasting relationships with clients who truly enjoy that work. When client's are referred by a therapist that knows me or a current client, it is usually because there is some synergy there, and that is a good way to start a relationship.

Best Regards, 

Joe Lavin



PS - My Preferred Massage

I have a preferred or "signature massage" that I encourage my clients to try at least once.  After they do most of them never want to go back to massage as they knew it. My signature massage is a 90 to 120 minute heated room, full body massage that includes stomach work as well as extensive gluteal and inner thigh work. The draping, while still being appropriate and professional, is less modest than my traditional massage because of the nature of the work being done (please talk to me about this before the massage if you have any concerns). 

I start very slow and light, gradually working deeper and deeper as the muscles relax and welcome the deeper work and as you relax and welcome the deeper work as well. The overall flow of the massage is very slow and very relaxing, even as the work gets progressively deeper. 


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